How Do I create a xr-map?

Create, edit, and share Extended Reality (XR) maps, collaborate, or explore the 3D worlds of others.

XR-Maps: Quick Guide

Welcome to the "How-To" section of Mapstar, your definitive guide for mastering the art of creating and marketing interactive XR maps. This guide will walk you through creating your own XR-Map with Mapstar in just three simple steps: capture, design, and share your environment in 3D. By following this straightforward process, you’ll be able to transform your vision into a virtual reality, allowing others to explore and interact with your space from anywhere in the world. Let’s embark on this journey to bring your unique environments to life, enhancing how we perceive and engage with digital landscapes.

Step 1: Capture Your Environment in 3D

Download the Mapstar app on your Android or iOS mobile device. 

This application allows you to capture your physical environment in impressive 3D.

Once you have created your user account just press the Button "Start Mapping" to create your first XR-Map. Simply go to the location you want to capture, open the app, and start capturing. It's as easy as taking a photo! 

Tips for achieving optimal mapping results:

  • Hold your phone directly in front of you.
  • Walk around slowly, maintaining a distance of 3-5 meters from your mapping environment.
  • Continuously move and capture your surroundings from various angles.
  • Simply rotating your phone may not yield satisfactory results.
  • The best outcomes are obtained in well-lit outdoor environments.
  • Reconstructing areas with minimal visual features, such as white walls or highly reflective objects like mirrors, windows, or glossy surfaces, can be challenging. However, you can experiment with using 3D scan spray to enhance your scan.
Save and/or Upload Your XR-Map:

  • Mapstar allows you to map completely offline. Therefore once you have finished your twin model and press the save button in the 3D viewer it will first be saved offline in your user profile. Mapstar offers the highest privacy level in the world for creating Metaverse experiences!
  • Once you are done press the finish Button to add your title & description.
  • You can view the finished XR-Map in a 3D viewer on your phone in which you can use your fingers to navigate through the model.
  • If you switch to your profile view you can see all the XR-Maps saved on your device and the ones you already uploaded to the cloud.
  • All the XR-Maps you have uploaded to the cloud can now be shared to any other link with a link.

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Step 2: Edit The World Around You

After successfully capturing your environment, it's time to get creative. Using our Web-Based World Editor, you can add annotations, insert creative elements, integrate custom 3D models, including Tiltbrush models, place informative texts, and much more. This step allows you to personalize your XR-Map and create unique experiences.

Once you finished your map: 

  • A click on the Share link will open the World-Editor in your web Browser to explore & edit the XR-Map.
  • To navigate through the XR-Map you can use the mouse.
  • Go to Edit to edit your XR-Map.
  • You can overlay it with digital information such as Text, Pics, Video, AR Links, Tiltbrush objects and even custom 3D Models from the sidebar on the right.
  • Keep in mind to save your changes by pressing the save button.
  • From here you can download the model as a .glb file to edit or optimize it in your favorite 3D tools.

Imagine overlaying a real location with digital contextual information using Mapstar. Keep in mind that every location can have its own digital feed. This makes it possible to digitally travel back in time and see how a place looked in the past. Represent the history of a location in Augmented Reality and sell this innovative service in the future. Seize the opportunity now to secure the most important places in the world and drive digital transformation forward!

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Step 3: View, Share And Invite To Your XR-Map

Here is a guide on how to create your own XR-Map with Mapstar in just three easy steps to capture, design, and share your environment in 3D.Die verwendeten Begriffe sind nicht geschlechtsspezifisch.

Explore your XR-Map in AR on-site 

The uniqueness of your XR-Map lies in the fact that all the content you've added to your map becomes visible to others at the actual location. Find out here how to open and experience your XR-Map on-site in Augmented Reality.

  • In the mobile app, click on “Around Me” and view the available XR-Maps with AR content.
  • Ensure your location service works properly and you granted permissions for retrieving the location.
  • If your location is not found or no XR-Maps are available nearby you can choose the desired location on the map.
  • Select the XR-Map and once it is loaded, the camera will show the surrounding and try to locate the available content -> make sure to find the same location that was captured in the XR-Map.
  • Once found, you will see an incredible immersive Augmented Reality experience as the content is anchors accurately to the location.
Effortlessly Share your XR-Map

Introduce others to the wonders of your XR-Map. Your meticulously crafted XR-Map is now open for exploration by your friends, colleagues, or clients. Extend invitations by sharing a unique link to your XR-Map, allowing everyone to delve into your immersive 3D environment together.

  • While browsing XR-Maps of the feed lists you can press the Share button to easily share the unique link.
  • Note that only public XR-Maps can be viewed by others, ensure to set the right visibility in your profile settings.
  • Immerse Yourself and Invite Others to Your XR-Maps in VR

Easily access the shared link using your preferred Head Mounted Display to personally experience and invite others to explore your XR-Maps in the captivating realm of Virtual Reality.

  • Mapstar simplifies your journey into XR with just your favorite HMD (Head-Mounted Display) device – supporting both Standalone and PCVR devices such as the Quest 1/2/3/Pro and more.
  • Open the web browser app on your device and navigate to the XR-Map in the World Editor. This seamlessly operates on WebXR-enabled browsers like the default Quest browser or Chrome.
  • A popup will appear, offering you the option to either immerse yourself (dive into) the XR-Map in VR or continue viewing it within the browser.
  • Once in VR, utilize your controllers for navigation, item selection, and even drawing within the XR-Map.
If you have any questions regarding the creation of your XR-Map or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to ensuring that, with our XR content creation partners, your Mapstar experience is not only seamless but also incredibly inspiring. Unleash your creativity and explore the limitless possibilities that Mapstar has to offer! Start Merging Realities With Mapstar! 

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Unlock the World of XR Map Creation with Mapstar

At Mapstar, we're committed not just to providing you with the tools but also the knowledge to use them effectively. Our training offerings are specifically designed to empower individuals and businesses to create their own XR location-based services and share them with the globe.

Trainings and Workshops

Our experts offer a range of trainings and workshops that will take you from the basics of XR map creation to advanced techniques. Whether you're new to the world of real world mapping or looking to take your skills to the next level, we have the right program for you.

Professional Content and Visualizations

For those in need of professional content, such as location-specific, building-dependent visualizations of BIM data, our team and partners are ready to support you. We understand the complexity and requirements of such projects and offer tailor-made solutions precisely suited to your needs. Contact us directly to learn more about how we merge realities to bring your project to life.

Partnerships with 3D Artists and Studios

To ensure your project meets the highest standards and appeals to a broad audience, we collaborate with a selection of renowned 3D artists and studios. Our partners are experts in creating stunning, lifelike 3D content and can help transform your XR map into a masterpiece that captivates and engages your target audience.

Join the Mapstar Community

By participating in our trainings and collaborating with our professional network, you'll become part of a growing community of innovators pushing the boundaries of what's possible with digital maps. Let's shape the future of digital visualization together.

Start Your XR Journey with Mapstar! Discover our training programs and professional services. Contact us now and bring your vision to life.

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