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Create, edit, and share Extended Reality (XR) maps, collaborate, or explore the 3D worlds of others.

Revolutionizing Digital Interaction: Explore Mapstar's Comprehensive Mapping Suite

Welcome to Mapstar – Your gateway to the future of digital mapping and interaction. At Mapstar, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools and platforms designed to revolutionize the way you create and interact with digital content. Our platform is composed of three key components: the Mobile Application, the World-Editor, and Mapstar WebVR. Each of these tools is specifically tailored to provide users with a unique and immersive experience in creating and interacting with XR-Maps.

Discover XR Maps on Your Device

Connect with a collective masterpiece of imagination as you traverse the digitally-rendered realms formed by a network of creators, innovators and professionals.

Glide across an array of user-generated spaces that mirror the real world, all from your mobile device, unveiling novel and authentic environments.

Start and Discover XR Maps!

Create easily XR Maps

To create a comprehensive xr map with Mapstar, your mobile device's camera meticulously captures every corner and edge of the environment. It's crucial to maintain sufficient distance from objects to ensure a high-quality outcome.

This process allows for the detailed mapping of physical spaces into immersive XR maps, ready for exploration or sharing.

Get Creative Now and Annotate the World Around You!

Add Content to your XR maps

Within the Mapstar application, users have the flexibility to add content directly during the mapping process, enriching the XR map with information in real-time. Additionally, after uploading the XR map, further enhancements can be made through the World-Editor, allowing for the integration of additional content.

This dual approach ensures that users can dynamically and comprehensively populate their XR maps with relevant information, both during the initial creation and in subsequent editing phases.

Explore Now with the World Editor for Easy Editing!

Share Your XR Maps

Through your profile within the Mapstar platform, users can effortlessly upload their local XR maps to the cloud via the "On Device" tab, making them accessible for both personal use and sharing with others. Once uploaded, these XR maps enable users and the wider community to explore the content on-site, whether through a smartphone, web browser, or in a WebVR environment.

This feature not only enhances the visibility and accessibility of your creations but also invites others to experience the digital enhancements in the context of the real world, bridging the gap between physical spaces and augmented reality.

Share Now Your Experience

The Metaverse is already in your Pocket!

The Metaverse is already in your pocket, encapsulating a suite of tools that transform your smartphone into a portal for creating, experiencing, and sharing digital realities. With Mapstar, you possess the power to craft intricate XR maps, infuse them with rich digital information, and invite the world to explore your XR Maps with ease.

Unlock Your Pocket Metaverse: Start Creating and Sharing Today with Mapstar!

Step Into the Future with Mapstar:

Join Over 17,000 Innovators Redefining Our Physical Spaces

Join a growing community who are stepping into a new digital era with us, step by step. Be inspired and become part of a movement that is redefining the way we create, interact, and discover real-world environments.

Mapstar Community

Don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of progress. Join Mapstar and actively shape the future with us!

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