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About Mapstar
The Future of the Internet: Location-Based, Three-Dimensional, and Interactive
Mapstar stands at the forefront of the Extended Reality (XR) community, aiming to revolutionize the way we explore and interact with the world. We are pioneers in the transition from static displays to a rich, interactive experience that blurs the boundaries between Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), the web, and the physical world. With Mapstar in your hand, your smartphone transforms into the ultimate tool for creating, discovering, and sharing XR maps—a window to a boundless metaverse.

A World Without Boundaries
In the age of convergence of digital and physical worlds, Mapstar enables the creation of XR maps that combine the best of AR, VR, and the web with the natural environment. These maps provide access to a layered reality where every interaction—whether a glance, a touch, or a step—expands your experience by dimensions, supported by the device you use every day.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a world where a billion people are seamlessly connected through XR maps, experiencing new dimensions of collaboration and interaction. A world where your mobile device is the key to a natural, valuable, and limitless digital content experience in AR, VR, and the web.

Our Mission
Mapstar builds bridges into a world inspired and connected by technology. Our device-independent platform allows you to create advanced XR maps that work seamlessly in AR, VR, and the web. Experience the depth of an interoperable metaverse as easy to use as a tap on your mobile device.

Our Values
Delighted Customers: We provide intuitive experiences that transform your smartphone into a window to new worlds.
Sustainability: Our technology acts as a catalyst for positive change, both locally and globally.
Innovation: We push the boundaries of what's possible by making XR maps accessible and editable.
Impact: The transformative effect of our technology on daily life is our benchmark.
Passion: Our belief that technology can be more drives us forward.
Courage: We explore new paths in the technology world boldly.
Curiosity: The endless possibilities of XR technology fuel our innovation.
Added Value: Our goal is to enrich your daily life through groundbreaking applications.
Long-term Partnerships: We build sustainable relationships that go beyond digital interactions.

Our Purpose
Our purpose at Mapstar is to turn your mobile device into the centerpiece of a new technological era. An era where connected realities and immersive experiences are seamlessly accessible across diverse platforms.

Join Mapstar
Join Mapstar on this exciting journey into a new era of digital mapping and interaction. Discover our platform, explore case studies of our groundbreaking projects, and be inspired by the success stories of our community.
Together, we shape a future where the digital and physical world merge seamlessly!

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