Craft accurate and enduring Augmented Reality Experiences.

Choose between Free, Premium or Enterprise!

Free Plan
For privat individuals and non-commercial use. Enjoy all features during the Beta phase


  • Capture your environment in 3D with your Android or iOS device supporting LiDAR and regular cameras
  • Create unlimited 3D experiences without an internet access or GPS connection 
  • Save your models on your device
  • Upload 15 experiences per month max. file size: 200MB
  • Community support

*During the Beta phase all features are available for use and evaluation

*In-App-Purchases: Text, Images, Video, Arrows, Emojis, Symbols and predefined 3D models

*Web, VR and localization services are not included

Premium Plan
For 3D artists, AR Agencies, XR creators, educators & businesses who want to create AR services or experiences on physical-world locations

7.99  / month

per user, per device

  • Everything from the Free Plan plus:
  • Expand your XR services with predefined 3D models e.g. for navigation, add text, images, video from YouTube
  • Add any service via URL
  • Record audio files and anchor them on physical-world location
  • View and share your services from your favorite browser
  • Upload custom 3D models and anchor them on physical-world locations
  • Upload 3D environment models as XR Maps
  • Localize your or others XR Maps in AR (Visual Positioning System)
  • High-quality models (2K)
  • Upload up to 4 GB
  • Support via mail

*Web and visual positioning system are included

*Free 14-day Trial

Enterprise Plan
For all businesses that wants to create immersive XR map services for their employees, partners or clients

Contact Us

per user, per device

  • Everything from the Premium Plan plus:
  • Create an organization
  • View, edit, comment on the services of your organization
  • Invite up to 20 team members and collaborate via the World Editor
  • Share XR Maps with your members and let them access your location-based services with centimeter precision in the real world
  • Customized enterprise features and pricing based on the needs of your organization
  • Add multiple layers and permissions onto a location
  • Edit & collaborate in Virtual Reality
  • Support for domain-specific extension modules (XR Modules)
  • High-quality models (4k-8k)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Priority support 

*Web, XR localization and Virtual Reality services are included

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Learn more about the plans

DisCover the Free Plan

Free Plan

Mapstar is a mobile mapping platform with Extended Reality functionalities. Users are able to create XR maps and share it with a global audience (in AR, Web and VR), as well as explore millions of virtual worlds.

SIMPLY CREATE a copy of Your Environment as XR Map WITH YOUR mobile device!

Use your Android or iOS device to capture your environment in 3D and create immersive XR Maps that are connected to real world locations.

Full Privacy and Content Ownership

Mapstar offers the highest level of privacy to users. With Edge-AI and Edge-Computing, all calculations take place on your device, you define which content you share with others, no round-trip to a server, no internet or GPS required.

Optional in-app purchasing

With additional items, you can also enhance your XR Maps with 3D models, images, videos, arrows, emojis and links to a website or a service.

Discover the Premium Plan

Premium Plan

With the Premium Cloud package, digital information can be stored, shared and accessed in the real world.

Expand your 3d experience

Mapstar takes the world around you and allows you to create a new universe full of endless possibilities and new realities. Create an immersive Augmented Reality experience with audio, video, text, or other media and allow users to see the world in an entirely new way.

Edit your 3d experience in your favorite browser

Creating your unique universe is easy with our 3D Web Editor that allows you to annotate points of interest, add videos, include text, and more at key locations on your map. Now anyone can create easily Augmented Reality experiences.

Share your 3d Experience

Sharing your created 3D experience is simple. Send a link and invite visitors to enjoy your universe.

DisCover the Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan

At your own request, we will create your own instance by making your real world information available to your organization members in real time. Edit information together, no matter where you are. Create your XR maps for your company.

Create a organization 

Create an organization, invite your members and share with them your 3D experience.

Create XR maps on your company territory

No need for expensive new equipment or experts to capture the environment in 3D. With Mapstar, anyone can capture their surroundings in 3D in seconds with their Android or iOS device.

Edit your area with Contextual items

Give every place on your site a digital context that adds value to your organisation members and customers.

high quality models

We also create high-resolution 8K models for your projects. Get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.


Invite up to 20 team members or clients and collaborate in Virtual Reality.

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